Getting your credit score back on track isn’t easy. If you have a low credit score you likely already have large debt, missed payments and a job that doesn’t seem to support the costs in your life. But many have been there before you and the key is relatively simple, although difficult to master, budgeting! By keeping track of all your expenses you can better understand where you can cut spending and where you should allocate your income.

Start by tabulating your fixed expenses for each month like rent, mortgage, credit card payments, car payments etc. Then add in your total income and you’ll find the amount of money you have to spend on things like food, going out, drinks, video games and so on. And by budgeting you’ll also be able to keep track of when major expenses come due. If your rent is due on the 15th of every month, by marking this in your budget you can be sure you’ll have the money in your account when the payment is needed.

Many banks even offer budgeting services in their online terminals. PNC bank virtual wallet, for example, allows you to move money into different accounts allocated for specific expenses. You can even set up a fund to save money for a new tv or a new car. That way you can easily track and budget your finances even on the go.

Most importantly, be sure that your budget is meeting your financial needs, not your wants. We all want nice cards, a new video game or tickets to the next big football game. But you have obligations that you must meet every month to maintain a healthy credit score. In the long run, by maintaining a healthy score you’ll have more money in the future.